Hydraulic Cranes and Cranes for Roughed Terrains

Hydraulic Cranes and Cranes for Roughed Terrains

Hydraulic Cranes and Cranes for Roughed Terrains

Construction or mere digging purpose requires effort and labour but it also makes use of heavy vehicles like cranes to do the part. It is a manually operated machine that usually works well on roughed terrains where no other device works as required. In India specially, many suppliers of well-crafted cranes are very limited for the reason that these machines should function in a specific manner and once damaged, it requires heavy work before resuming the process. The drivers operating the same must also be skilled and experienced to complete the work with perfection. VN Cranes is one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of heavy vehicles that are especially suited to work under roughed terrains.

All about VN Cranes

VN Cranes started off as an out an out providers of hydraulic cranes rental service across the country. At that time, there were not many rental services of this kind. After its inception in 1998, the company touched immense success in the coming 3 years with 30-ton hydraulic KATO cranes. They started rough terrain crane for sale as well and the clients were quite happy with the product they received. With time, it became one of the successful and largest hydraulic crane fleet in India. There is rent construction crane available as well with capacity ranging in between 20 to 300 M ton. All the necessary safety standards are met at the company and the end product delivered is guaranteed of quality as per industry standards. The company has catered to the needs of diverse clients including the likes of ECC L & T, ITD Cementation Ltd., Leighton India among others.

Hydraulic cranes and its applications

Hydraulic cranes come under the category of cranes and they are basically used for lifting heavy load. The difference lies in its architecture. Unlike other cranes, it does not functions using electricity or diesel but a hydraulic system which is inbuilt inside the crane. This system helps in easy lifting of heavy objects. Different applications of hydraulic cranes include the following:

  • Heavy object lifting
  • At ports for lifting cargo and containers
  • Mining industry
  • Construction work and many more

They wide a varied application owing to its safety standards, easy maintenance and a simple system that could be understood and modified easily.

Cranes for rougher terrains

We all must have seen smaller simpler cranes at construction or mining sites. These are different than hydraulic ones as they use a diesel motor to work properly. A manual operator is required to make the crane lift objects and transport it to different site. One can easily buy rough terrain crane of high quality and low cost at VN Cranes. They found application in confined spaces owing to its compact body. It is best suited for rough terrains with uneven surfaces. Hyper sized axles, oversized tyres, 3 different teering modes, hydraulic outriggers of H pattern, etc. ensures that they have easy movement in very difficult surface type. The disadvantage being, they cannot be easily operated on highways or public roads and due to its compact size, it has limitations for heavy loads.

We Provide on Hire/Sale 20 to 300MT Fully Hydraulic Truck Mounted cranes with up to 73 Meter Boom Length, Crawler Cranes up to 250 MT capacity, 12/15 MT Hydra Cranes, 3/5/10 MT Forklifts, Fully Hydraulic Motor Graders, Vibratory Rollers.     *Specialist in providing Hyd. mobile Rough Terrain cranes upto 80 MT*

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